General Liability

Looking for General Liability Insurance in Charleston?

Are you a business owner in Charleston looking for General Liability Insurance? Our firm has you covered. It only takes one claim to financially cripple your business.  It takes 1 frivolous lawsuit to drain your business of operating cash and force you to take on debt to stay in business.  For these 2 reasons alone, it is important that you have adequate coverage from a highly rated carrier.

At its core, General Liability Insurance (a.k.a. CGL for Commercial General Liability) is the most basic form of commercial liability coverage. If you own a business, having General Liability coverage is not optional — it is essential – and sometimes legally required.

What does General Liability Insurance Cover?

Business is inherently risky, but General Liability insurance protects against many known and unknown risks.

Simply put, CGL insured for bodily injury or property damage resulting from the negligence of your business operations. These policies cover the expense of out-of-court settlements, litigation (aka lawyer fees) and judgments awarded by courts. CGL is one major coverage in a BOP (Business Owners Policy).

What’s involved with getting CGL Insurance?

With any type of insurance there are certain underwriting and eligibility questions that must be answered for the insurance company to determine what the final rating will be.

Our firm will guide you through the process and make it easy. If you’re confused by any of this don’t worry, we’ll make the process easy. Give us a call and we can help you get the process started when you’re ready.

How to get started on your quote

To get started on your quote, call our office or click over to our quotes page. Either way we’ll make the process simple!

  • Excess Liability

Commercial Umbrella coverage is critical to your business

You hear more and more about massive jury awards.

Most business owners never expect to encounter a loss that exceeds the limits of the liability coverage they have —but unfortunately in today’s business environment, it happens too often.  A large loss could impact the business success you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Crescent Insurance Advisers can help you protect the assets you have today by providing added coverage where you typically need it most – liability

No matter the size of your company or how well it’s run, your business faces the potential of a devastating claim arising from an unforeseen event. For example, let’s say you own a retail store or apartment building, and a customer trips on the carpet and hits his head, sustaining serious brain injury.

You could be potentially liable for millions of dollars in medical and other payments – like lost future wages.

Would that entire sum be covered by your existing business liability insurance? Could your business savings and/or revenue make up for the difference in what is not covered?

If your answer is no, that’s where Commercial Excess Liability Coverage comes in.  Excess Liability Coverage goes above and beyond basic business liability insurance limits, offering up to $10 million of additional funds to manage situations just like this.

If you are a small business owner, you might think they can’t take what you don’t have. Think again—a court can seize the business assets you currently have and even allocate future earnings to satisfy a judgment against you.

It’s never too soon to invest in umbrella coverage.

It’s your decision how to best spend each one of your hard-earned dollars. But if an unexpected major loss occurs that key decision may no longer be yours.

You’ll find that Excess Liability Coverage offers you a way to help ensure your business assets remain yours for less than you might expect.

Do you know if your current coverage offers you the protection that you want for your business against major catastrophic events?

Does it cover over all other liability limits also?

Typically, it excludes professional liability and cyber liability.  Excess Liability policies only extend over underlying liability policies that are eligible, that meet the limit requirements, and that are listed on the policy and used in the rating/pricing.

How to get started on your quote

To get started on your quote, call our office or click over to our quotes page. Either way we’ll make the process simple!

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